Our breeding 




            Head study of           

 " Exclusive's " puppy bitch                                                " Exclusiefs " puppy dog






Breeding is for the Exclusive’s Kennel not "just a common evidence"

Our carefully chosen imports, which offer diversity and enormous breeding possibilities, ask for an equivalence in quality, ensuring continuation in the future on a solid sound base, in respect of the Irish (and FCI) breed standard. Therefore, the necessary time is taken for making the right combinations.

Puppies grow up in the best circumstances, are followed day by day and receive a many-sided education: socialization in the modern world of humans, relationship with the other dogs, and integration in nature, 

discovering natural hunting qualities.


Paying attention to all these different factors results in many 

successes of our breeding all over the Continent.




 In order to enable the realisation of all this, our 34 year's experience proved clearly that the necessary time must be taken : therefore our puppies do not leave our Exclusive's Kennel under 12 weeks; only from the 10th week some most important points appear : correct type conform to the breed standard, typical robust general appearance, correct colour, hunting ability.  All puppies meeting these requirements is not always an evidence.  The breed is still in the stage of  development and therefore a correct selection plays a capital role.  

We only can advise every person being interested in an Irish Red & White Setter to take home the puppy from the breeder not earlier than at 12 weeks, and to look carefully if the puppy shows the correct characteristics of a true authentic Irish Red & White Setter.  Please read carefully the breed standard before and prepare yourself before you make your final choice : it should not be done before the 11th week.  


A quality Irish Red & White Setter breeder will certainly practise that 

procedure and make the right selection for you.  




Puppies are always born in the house.                                                                              Pups at 7 weeks                    


We do like this plants  ! !


First exploration of the big world


Do we hear some noises?                                                                               What's going on there ?


                                                                        Dad Excl. All for Me & son Excl. Dynamite                                               Learning some " show " manners


Learning to point                                                                                   Learning the apport


Discovering nature