This centuries old Irish Red & White Setter :

an excellent hunting dog


Exclusive's Irish Star

with  judges and organizers. 


Field Trial  for «  amateurs » in Waterloo ( B ) for British pointing dogs

on August  28 th 2016.

Organized by the Pointer Club Belgium.

There were 12 participating dogs, 9 Pointers

and  2 Irish Red & White Setters.

Exclusive’s Irish Star ( IRWS ), male, made a magnificent run.

In the same run  Star pointed very steady and succeeding  2 pheasants.

I hoped to obtain a CQN but big was the surprise

when the judges gave a VERY GOOD.

The belgian judges were J. Mélon,  M. de le Hoye and F. Indekeu.




Mr Vincent Cortembos with Exclusive's Enjoyable


It's more than useful to know which dog exactly you have to do with before procuring an

Irish Red & White Setter as shooting dog, for hunting or participation on field trials.





The "History" on this website forms already a good picture about the exact origins of the Red & White and tells also about the revival programme of the years 1970 which avoided the total disparition of this century old breed,

giving again all chances on development.





In former days, before the years 1880 and even still up to after the Great War, the Irish Setter was considered as one and the same breed, if it was a Red one or a Red & White.  But the Red Setter became popular and went it's own way with a century of evolution.  On the other hand, the Red & White did his best to survive, was not influenced by the modern times and remained exactly the same as hundreds and hundreds of years ago.  It's most important to know and understand this, because that revival programme shows an intensive use of the Irish Red Setter, although these Red Setters were carriers of the Red & White blood, but had also  a century of evolution behind.  As there were almost no Red & Whites left, this programme was necessary

for giving the Red & White all chances for the future. 




The objectives of that programme were very simple : bringing that old unchanged Irish Setter back, and this by accurate selection.  Although the Red and the Red & White were in former days very similar, that old Red & White was in a way different to the evoluated Red Setter which developped during 100 years

into an aristocratic, refined and elegant dog. 

But the clear ojectives of those devoted persons who had known that old Red & White already from the 19th century and who took the responsability of the revival were without any form of compromise to bring the unchanged old Red & White back.  They wrote therefore another breed standard which differs from the Red Setter breed standard. In order to realize that  task on the best way they consulted Lord Rossmore, whose family had been involved with pure Red & Whites during at least 300 years. 

 This family had them during 3 centuries in numbers.





Lord Rossmore wrote in a letter dated March 5th 1944 : “ They were heavier dogs than the Irish Setters of today.  They were all trained by the wistle and were easily trained and to a keen sportsman quite the most 'pleasurable' and keen dogs to shoot over and to have as a friend that any man could wish. "

Derry Argue wrote about the breed : “ For working purposes the Red & Whites, so long bred purely for use in the field, are easier to train and less inclined to be temperamental than the Reds.  They lack the speed of the Red dog, but have tremendous endurance and consisteny, points which are not revealed in a short field trial or to the casual observer, but which in the past were often commented upon.  It may be unfair to blame field trials and dog shows alone, nonetheless it is difficult to account for the apparent extinction of

a breed of such obvious practical value."

During one of our visits in the house of  Rev. Canon Doherty  in Ireland, the Rev. Canon told us a significant story :  “ One day I went with a friend who is a keen hunter to see the  field trial organized in our region.  He said to me :  it's beautiful to see how these dogs cover such a large ground in a minimum of time and to go satisfied home with 2-3 birds.  But if I go with my dogs on that same ground they would need much more time to cover it, but instead of 2-3 birds, I would go home with ten.”  Canon Doherty saw it on the same way and agreed.


                                                                                  Covering the field                                              Exclusive's Enjoyable                                     Pointing a pheasant


  Exclusive's Enjoyable

Mr. Vincent Brennan, former Chairman of the Irish R & W Setter Club, described the breed on a very simple and short way :  not so very fast like in trials, but the more the day goes on the better they become.


Exclusive's Quickboy


Also Mr. John Nash  ( remember, the man who had up to 50 field trial champions with his Red Setters ) explained us these Red & Whites were excellent practical shooting dogs and that they really excelled in backing ( this means, when hunting with more than one dog, stop running and respecting the dog which is pointing ).  He was the man who had a real true Red & White in his basic breeding stock of Red ones, and this to give his Reds a better discernible determination and reliability when pointing.

        Exclusive's Enjoyable

These short descriptions by very knowledgeable persons in Ireland who have known the breed since almost one century give a fair picture what and how a good Irish Red & White Setter  should be :  rather rustic and compact, strong muscles, broader head with ears higher set up than these of the Red ones, and particularly a stable, reliable and efficient spirit for hunting affairs, without needless excitement.


                                Autumnwood Gold Award                      

  Smell of pheasant in the nose  and  pheasant localized



Although they are both, Reds and Red & Whites, historically interlinked, they have a different style of working.  The Red & White does not have that great speed of the Red Setter but is of very great practical use and shows the game without any form of doubt nor diversion. 

He is intelligent and flexible, adapting on different kinds of terrain : he estimates the area very well and covers the field with a good degree of speed.  He changes his hunting style in accordance with the kind of nature,

may it be open field or forest or heavy ground.

Is an Irish Red & White Setter able to defend his chances in field trials?  Yes of course !  And how !  There are examples enough in the past which prove it,

although his style shows some difference to the one of speedy trial dogs.

Also the colour of the Red & White has it's advantage : the basic white colour with solid red patches is very well visible and in harmony in the spring- and autumn landscape.





 Autumnwood Gold Award



Autumnwood Gold Award

Pointing pheasant



Those who own an Irish Red & White Setter as hunting dog do not only have a reliable, efficient and well visible hunter, but also a most agreeable friend in the house. 

Plenty of energy in hunting, most pleasant companion in the house.




Exclusive's Enjoyable

Well deserved rest on the sofa after a day of hard work ! ! !







Exclusive's Emerald

4  puppies  show  already  clearly  their  innate  natural  qualities


Exclusive's Glamour with owner :

Ingrid Vanuscorps-Vandecappell


        Exclusive's Irish Music                   


    Exclusive's Irish Smile


  Exclusive's Irish Star



On 27 / 08 / 2011

the Irish Setter Club Belgium organized it’s annual

Field Trial with CAC

for all British pointing dogs on the fields  of  Bertinchamps in Gembloux..


There were 15 dogs

( the maximum authorized number with 2 judges ).  

Only 4 of them got a qualification and/or a mention. 

One of them was our Irish Star who got the

4th place with a ‘ honourable mention’.

Our Irish Smile & Irish Music

were present as well and ran a beautiful trial. 

Unfortunately the game wasn’t there at this moment.  

Bad luck.

 Nevertheless, when also Exclusive’s Glamour

( owner Mrs. I. Vanuscorps )

ran a really magnificent course ‘ in the grand manner’,

there were congratulations from the judges for our breeding.

 A most successful day !




On 04 / 08 / 2012

the Irish Setter Club Belgiumorganized  on the fields of  Bertinchamps in Gembloux ( B ) a

TAN hunting day  ( Teste d’aptitude naturelle – test on natural ability)

for all British pointing dogs.

There were 12 dogs.

The judge was  Mr.  M. De le Hoye ( B )

Only 4 of them got the ISC TAN certificate.

Our Irish Music ( on the left ) & Irish Smile ( on the right )

( picture below )

 were 2 of them getting the certificate

by covering very well the ground and both pointing twice the game. 








01 / 05 / 2013

Hunting day Field Trial in Gembloux ( B )

organized by Irish Setter Club of Belgium




Exclusive's Irish Star


Exclusive's Irish Smile



06 / 04 / 2014

Hunting day in Gembloux ( B )

organized by Irish Setter Club of Belgium





Exclusive's Irish Star


Exclusive's Irish Music