A joyful friend for the family

and child friendly





The Irish Red & White Setter has an equilibrated character.  In the field he perfectly knows what is expected from him.  He also loves people, especially those of the own family. He asks to be loved and is a great friend for children.


The Irish Red & White Setter is an obedient dog; his nature gave him the "will to please ",

and once he learned something, he doesn't forget anymore.

Being free in the nature, he shows immediate reaction on the whistle, for during 300 years he has been trained with the whistle for hunting. 

 So it's really easy to control him, even from bigger distances. 































We nevertheless advise to be consequent in the education.  It should be a fixed habit giving him always the same place to sleep and to eat.  If he can be very regularly in plain nature, he will be the most agreeable companion you can wish.